Boil Out Application

The Entry Safe team approaches horizontal vessels, such as desalters, using a Boil Out Application method. Following de-inventory procedures, water, chemistry and steam are added to the equipment, creating a “boil-out”. The chemistry penetrates sludge to quickly release hydrogen sulfide (H2S), benzene, and combustible gases (LEL) to the relief system. Pyrophoric iron sulfides and any remaining hydrogen sulfide are simultaneously oxidized by the chemistry. As the boil-out continues, the steam and chemistry vaporize, treating equipment walls and vapor space.

After approximately 8-12 hours, steam is stopped and the chemistry aids in the separation of residual hydrocarbons, water, and solids. The remaining water can be sent directly to waste water depending on refinery parameters. The solids in the vessel will be decontaminated and hydrocarbon-free for ease of removal. This treatment drastically reduces the time needed for final clean out and removes the need for fresh air.