Chemicals Used for Decontamination & Degassing of Refineries


Entry Safe owns and applies a dynamic family of proprietary blended chemistry for decontamination in refineries, petrochemical plants, and specialty industrial markets worldwide.

Our primary chemistry applied in a Steam Vapour Phase application is extremely successful in decontaminating a wide variety of units.
As the needs of clients change and expand, the R&D department continues to develop new chemicals to meet these requests, creating an extensive product portfolio. The optimal chemistries for each situation are selected and applied by our team of technical experts in the decontamination field.


Entry Safe™ 4000 is an exceptionally high performing decontamination chemical solution used at low concentrations in water and/or steam to preform internally clean and decontaminate refinery and petrochemical process equipment. In addition, the Entry Safe™ 4000 has a pleasant citrus smell.

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Entry Safe™ 2030 is a water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic blend of specialty surfactants and additives designed for light ends, and to effectively degas and clean gas plants, process vessels, piping and petroleum storage tanks. Entry Safe™ 2030 is a neutral based cleaner and degreaser that will readily penetrate and solubilize the hydrocarbon fouling, water-wet the metal surfaces and water-wet and disperse any remaining solids.

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Entry Safe™ H.O.P. is a solvent based additive used to significantly enhance the cleaning ability of base solvents such as light cycle oil, diesel, and cutter stocks when used in the removal of heavy crude, asphalts and paraffins from process equipment, piping and storage tanks.

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