Entry Safe™ 4000

Entry Safe 4000 is an exceptionally high performing decontamination chemical solution used at low concentrations in water and/or steam to preform internally clean and decontaminate refinery and petrochemical process equipment. In addition, the Entry Safe™ 4000 has a pleasant citrus smell.

Entry Safe™ 4000 is a combination of very effective hydrocarbon solvents. This is combined with specifically designed wetting agents, dispersants, and emulsifiers that will readily penetrate and solubilize heavy hydrocarbon fouling and help disperse many of the insoluble remaining solids in the cleaning solution. The solids and hydrocarbons are emulsified in the diluted Entry Safe™ 4000 solution thus allowing for the easy removal from the process vessel or equipment.

The resulting emulsion of the Entry Safe™ 4000 solution with the hydrocarbon fouling and dispersed solids will remain stable during the cleaning operation and then readily break into two distinct phases after removal from the process vessel or piping. This allows the recovery and reprocessing of the separated hydrocarbons and minimizes the downstream impact on the API separator and on BOD and COD requirements. The remaining water phase is typically processed through the waste water treatment plant.

Entry Safe™ 4000 is readily available in 55-gallon steel drums.


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