Health and Safety

Tetrachem has an exemplary safety record with no OSHA Recordable or Lost Time Injuries in the last 6 years. This accomplishment is attributed to highly trained and experienced personnel, minimum equipment needed for a project, and an unmatched attention to safety details. Tetrachem products have been formulated to handle the toughest to clean hydrocarbon deposits with superior performance, while complying with the highest air and water quality standards.

Waste Water Friendly

Entry Safe chemistries have minimal impact on wastewater and the environment. The chemistry itself is biodegradable, wastewater friendly, and is non-exothermic. Our chemistry expends itself when reacting with contaminants minimizing the amount of chemistry sent to waste water. Furthermore, Entry safe has a self-breaking emulsion so when agitation is stopped, the oil and chemistry separate from the water without the need for additional emulsion breakers. However if there is a need to speed up the process, an emulsion breaker may be added.