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With many years of successfully conducting decontamination and degassing projects in the United States of America, Australia and India with its partners, Tetrachem is the top choice for degassing and decontamination of many top producing refineries and petrochemical companies around the world. This is because our planning/engineering is second to none. We use only the most environmental safe green chemistry, and the service experience to perform the safest and fastest equipment entry/turnover of process equipment during any cleaning application.

Tetrachem’s chemistry can be applied in many different methodologies– water circulation process, boil outs, and Steam vapour phase processes to de-contaminate or degass are the most common for LEL, Hydrocarbon and H2S removal. Further applications for inert pyrophoric iron sulfide and larger amounts hydrogen sulfide inside process vessels are deployed.

However when applicable, the Steam vapour phase process is by far the fastest way to decontaminate or de-gas and eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S), benzene, and other LELs with minimum equipment and personnel footprint.

Our chemistries

  • Cut time required for personnel entry to up to 1/10th of conventional times.
  • Environmentally friendly and completely bio-degradable.
  • Low foaming with minimum impact on water treatment systems.
  • Eliminate H2S and LEL.
  • Reduce Benzene to less than 1 ppm.
  • Promote the removal of pyrophoric iron sulfide during the decontamination process.
  • Can be used via liquid circulation, Steam, Fogging, soaking & boil out.


Tetrachem’s Engineering and Planning is second to none. We provide the safest and the quickest man entry into vessel, thus saving you millions of dollars during shut down for the refinery.

Best Chemistries

We deploy the best chemistry solution for enhanced safety, minimal waste disposal, time savings and prompt maintenance and inspection of process unit

Quick Turnaround

A process that readies your units for maintenance or inspection, as opposed to readiness for cleaning with traditional processes

Technical Expertise

An engineered approach with the technical expertise to know the foulants likely to be encountered and processes that have been proven to work best

Zero LEL, Pyrophorics, Benzene

Tested treatments designed to reliably and permanently reduce the LELs and pyrophorics, avoiding the need to re-blind and re-steam units

Effective Application

Very effective chemistries applied with steam in the vapor phase, traditional cascade applications or incorporation into foam for areas with tortuous channels, such as reciprocating compressors or areas sensitive to increased temperatures or weight load

Waste Water Management

Ensuring effective waste water management to minimise the impact to your facility comes as part of Decontamination services provided by us so you don’t have to worry about it anymore !

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