Decontamination Experience

Experts in Decontamination and Degassing Services

With many years and hundreds of successful decontamination projects, Entry Safe is the industry expert in ensuring the fastest and safest entry into process vessels.

Tetrachem chemistries have been successfully applied to wide variety of plants & equipments : distillate hydrotreater, fluid catalytic cracker (FCC), hydrocracker, visbreaker, merox, coker (delayed coker, fluid coker, flexicoker), desalter, atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation, hydrotreater, catalytic reformer, alkylation, dimerization, isomerization, reformer, horizontal vessel, amine, and sour water stripper.

Tetrachem chemistries have also been applied to various Petrochemical units including ethylene, propylene, butadiene, and aromatics.

From single units to full plant turnarounds, we have the experience and personnel to provide fast and safe results. After the decontamination is complete, customers are able to confidently enter process vessels for inspections and maintenance including carrying out hot work.

Decontamination Case Studies and References

Please click here to view some of our case studies. If you are looking for references or case studies on specific vessels or companies, please contact us.

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Business Inquiry