Refinery Cleaning Services


Service Overview

Services for Petroleum and Oil refineries by Entry Safe: Our Engineering and Planning is second to none and we have wide experience in dealing with different kind of equipment and systems. Each system has complexities based on the feed, processing, unities available and needs to be planned individually to ensure successful decontamination of the system.

Our Refinery Cleaning Services Include The Following

a) Decontamination & Degassing

To aid in the safe and fast execution of the shutdown, customized decontamination procedures, drawings, and timelines are provided to ensure the decontamination portion of the shutdown is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

b) Heat Exchanger Optimisation

Entry Safe decontaminates Heat Exchanger trains effectively using the Steam Vapour Decontamination methodology. When the heat exchanger efficiency in between turnarounds drop, Operators must make the difficult decision to run at low efficiency or stop production to clean the heat exchangers. Tetrachem Decon Technology offers an alternative approach to keep the process unit online.

c) Treatment of Pyrophoric Sulphides

Pyrophoric material such as iron sulfide is frequently found in refinery equipment. When the equipment is opened to the atmosphere for maintenance, an exothermic reaction can take place that may cause injury to personnel and catastrophic damage to equipment. We create a custom plan for each unique tower or column with information such as column design, feedstock, history of the unit, and utility availability.

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Business Inquiry