Entry Safe™ 2030

Entry Safe 2030 is a water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic blend of specialty surfactants and additives designed for light ends, and to effectively degas and clean gas plants, process vessels, piping and petroleum storage tanks. Entry Safe™ 2030 is a neutral based cleaner and degreaser that will readily penetrate and solubilize the hydrocarbon fouling, water-wet the metal surfaces and water-wet and disperse any remaining solids. The solids and hydrocarbons, including benzene and any other contaminants, are then encapsulated in the Entry Safe 2030™ solution and the LEL’s and VOC’s are reduced to acceptable entry levels. The resulting emulsion is designed to remain stable during the cleaning operation and then readily break after removal from the process vessel or piping.

The Entry Safe™ 2030 is also compatible with typical refinery and petrochemical waste water treatment systems and will not adversely affect the bacteria or the oil separation process used in the treatment of waste.

Entry Safe™ 2030 will also chemically convert low levels of H2S to a stable non-hazardous product that will not regenerate H2S with changes in pH. For elevated levels of H2S, Entry Safe™ 4000 should be considered.

Entry Safe™ 2030 is non-hazardous and contains no solvents that will contribute to the LEL.

Note: This product was designed to be environmentally friendly. Tetrachem has paid special attention to our environment and removed all Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPE’s) from this product.

Entry Safe™ 2030 is readily available in 55 gallon PVC Drums.


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