Entry Safe™ H.O.P.

Entry Safe™ H.O.P. is a solvent based additive used to significantly enhance the cleaning ability of base solvents such as light cycle oil, diesel, and cutter stocks when used in the removal of heavy crude, asphalts and paraffins from process equipment, piping and storage tanks.


Entry Safe™ H.O.P., mixed with the base solvent, can be internally circulated to clean distillation towers, reboilers, heat exchangers, vessels, and tanks that are contaminated with heavy crudes, asphalts or paraffins that may not be removed by traditional steam-outs or treatment with water based soaps and degreasers.

The total volume of the Entry Safe™ H.O.P. and base solvent should be equivalent to the normal liquid level under standard operating conditions, or a sufficient volume to achieve a uniform distribution of treatment product throughout the vessel and piping to be cleaned.


The mixture of Entry Safe™ H.O.P. and base solvent should be applied in the same volumes and manner as when straight cutter stock is used for cleaning process equipment and piping.

Batch Mixing by adding our Entry Safe™ H.O.P. to the base solvent and circulate or mix until uniform mixture in achieved. Pump the mixture into the vessel/piping and circulate at 160-180° F for 8-24 hrs. This product can be applied at ambient temperature. However the contact time must be increased.

INJECTION:Add the required volume of base solvent to the process vessel to be cleaned and begin circulation. Evenly inject the Entry Safe™ H.O.P.to achieve the targeted concentration. Heat to 160-180°F and continue to circulate for 8-24 hrs.

Entry Safe™ HOP is readily available in 55 gallon steel drums.


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